Migrants, especially migrant women, experience higher unemployment and under-employed rates in EU countries than their native citizens (OECD 2013). Within this scenario, bolstering business creation among migrants, particularly among migrant women, is a key strategy to allow individual migrants to reach their full potential, while simultaneously improving labour market integration and fostering the creation of added value, innovation and productivity in their host countries.

About Migrants

Migration to Europe has a long history, but it has increased substantially in the late 20th century. About one third of migration occurs within EU, but a significant share flows from outside the EU. The four Kaleidoscope partner countries have different trends in migration when considering their history of migration, reasons for migration and the range of countries of origin. The UK, Italy and France have been major receiving countries for decades with hundreds of thousands of incoming migrants every year, comparatively, Finland’s history is very modest and its volume relatively small.



The Superwomen of Problem Solving?

In Finland there is a saying “If you need the right man for the job, ask a Finnish woman.” What comes to problems solving, it seems that women all over the world have plenty of qualities to be the right person to turn to. This article presents four elements supporting...

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Kaleidoscope meeting in Sheffield

Our second partnership meeting was held in Sheffield, UK in June 2018. It was a moment to catch-up, to organise, to look forward and to train your future trainers! We had a lot of fun helping our trainers get acquainted with all the ins and outs of the...

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What Really Hinders Women in Entrepreneurship

Hedy Lamarr, is mainly known as a glamorous Hollywood actress. However, she should mainly be known is an inventor and the mother of WiFi, Bluetooth technology and GPS, and of many other inventions. She is also one example of a migrant women with high business...

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