“The successful future strategists will exploit an entrepreneurial mindset…the ability to rapidly sense, act and mobilize, even under uncertain conditions” (Ireland et al., 2003:963-989).

Metacognitive functions include controlling memory and attention. Attention as a resource is limited. New and difficult things can take a person’s full attention, while familiar, well-trained functions go almost without attention.  Cognitive research scholars have engaged to seek to understand; how individuals identify entrepreneurial opportunities and act upon them. Situated metacognitive model of the entrepreneurial mindset offers important insights into entrepreneurial thinking and behaviors; the dynamism and uncertainty requires entrepreneurs continuously rethink strategic actions, structure, communications, culture, asset deployment, and investment strategies.

Entrepreneurs such as John Chambers of Cisco Corporation, Charles Schwab, Richard Branson of Virgin-Atlantic and Paul Orfalea of Kinko’s describe cognitive strategies  such as thinking in pictures relative to some goal as critical thinking techniques, they develop to overcome the complexity of the business environment. (Haynie et al., 2010). Language-based thinkers often find this phenomenon difficult to understand, but visual thinking is a tremendous advantage.

If you can dream it, you can do it

Ukrainian Alena Omelianenko and her family moved to Finland five years ago. First year Alena stayed at home and got her residence permit, and then started studying Finnish language at Vamia. After half a year language course, she continued her studies to become a professional chef. She trained in several restaurants and after graduation found a full time job from Cafè Proosa. She works as a chef and is also very happy to learn more about Finnish culture and language.

One of her future dreams is to become an entrepreneur. Even though Alena is a chef by profession, she also makes gorgeous cakes. She has learned that her Finnish customers are fond of cheesecakes and apple pies and love berries, licorice and cardamom. She is very inspired by cakes and continues to educate herself to become even better confectioner. Alena is quite independent thinker and follows her own path. One of her true inspirations are Elena Gnut and Andy Chef. Especially she is interested in Andy’s 1-2 day workshops in St. Petersburg and Moscow and paid online courses. She also loves Valio’s recipes and MTV’s  Makuja recipes.

Alena describes that making food and cakes is therapeutic for her. She admits she has a visual talent and making visual things is quite easy for her. Even she feels making cakes gives her a lot good energy, sometimes it can be tiring, especially on rush seasons. She relaxes reading books, watching movies and walking along countryside with her family.

Website: https://www.instagram.com/bakery_by_alena/

Interview: Elina Sylander
Editing: VAMK

Haynie, J. M., Shepherd, D., Mosakowski, E., & Earley, P.C. (2010). A situated metacognitive model of the entrepreneurial mindset. Journal of Business Venturing, 25 (2), 217 – 229.