November 18-24, 2019


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The GEN (Global Entrepreneurship Network) is a platform of programs and initiatives that aims to create a global entrepreneurial ecosystem.
GEN helps people from 160 different countries to turn their ideas into something concrete:

New partnerships.
New jobs.
Strengthening of economic stability.
Dissemination of innovation.

The globalization of entrepreneurship has led to an explosion of programs, startup communities and investments in new sectors where there are no tools that allow us to understand which ideas are promising. For this reason traditional businesses, the education system and policy makers need tools, programs and research that allow them to focus their attention and their funds in areas that can have a greater impact on future economic growth.

GEN is a compass that helps address these needs by identifying initiatives that have a positive impact on society.

Italy has joined this global network thanks to META Group which has decided to join the cause.

The GEN ITALY platform is a free tool that aims to involve all the actors of the Italian entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The main ingredient of GEN ITALY are the partners that adhere to and share events and content, allowing the network to grow.

META Group, as platform administrator, would be honored that all the actors of the Italian ecosystem adhere to the GEN ITALY.