Training in Sheffield UK

During March and April 2019, Inova Consultancy held six training sessions with 15 female migrant entrepreneurs, as part of the Kaleidoscope training programme. The sessions were a huge success; each of the participants developed in both personal and professional capacities, with many furthering their business plan and setting goals for future business development.

Over the course of six sessions, the UK trainer, Marina Larios, discussed a variety of topics including action learning and coaching, resilience in entrepreneurship, business modelling and goal setting. An International Conference Call was also arranged in April 2019, with participants from each of the other partner organisations in Italy, France and Finland. This session allowed participants to meet others in the Kaleidoscope programme and share business ideas and goals.

As a result of the Kaleidoscope training, many of the participants have gone on to develop their own business plan, set goals for development or even change their business idea completely. The impact of this training in the UK has been incredibly positive and we are so proud of each and every participant for their personal and professional development!


Training in Paris

In Paris, the module sessions have gone beyond our expectations. The group dynamics were so stimulating that we looked for new opportunities to meet-up after the six-planed sessions. For example, we organized individual sessions to work on each participant’s brand design and create her personalized business cards. We also contacted partner organizations (SINGA, BGE) to facilitate a more specific workshop on the creation of the administrative and financial status of auto-entrepreneur in France.

Some participants became facilitators of workshops such as: “How to pitching your project”, or “Using mind mapping for the new year 2020”. They have also co-constructed three radio podcasts (in collaboration with Radio Activité), about their relationship to work, or on the subject of migration.

During these occasions, we were able to strengthen group cohesion, their self-confidence and thus gain in autonomy. Today they have forged strong enough bounds to help each other on a daily basis in the management of their business. Their autonomy is our greatest success.


Training in Finland

Altogether 14 migrant women from different backgrounds participated in Kaleidoscope training in Finland, most of them though with a higher education background. All participants found the training very useful, inspiring and engaging.

They were able to find their business ideas, learn new methods to analyse and plan aspects of their business, discuss about their experiences and business ideas, get feedback, and network with each other and the training participants from the other countries. But most of all, they also found their strengths. Some of the participants are already starting their business activity while others have a more long-term approach for their entrepreneurial approach, focused and long-term.

Piloting showed that there is a clear need for such training and we have already been asked when will the next one start.

Training in Matera, Italy

ween November and December 2018, Materahub carried out the training course in Matera (Italy), which has had an extraordinary and impressively positive impact on the participants.

Their general feedback was that this course and the Kaleidoscope project have given them a unique opportunity to reflect on their potentials to develop their business ideas/project, to recognise and overcome their limits in terms of competences as well as general entrepreneurial mindset and believe in their abilities to make it real.

The participants have realised that their entrereneurial projects are feasible and felt supported not only through the training contents and tools proposed but also through the networking opportunities offered to integrate with natives and other migrant wannabe women.

The Training Week in numbers