Kaleidoscope Training package

The Kaleidoscope project partnership has finished delivering the Kaleidoscope Training Package to female migrant entrepreneurs- and what a success it has been!

Over 50 women, across 4 countries, have benefitted from our face-to-face training programme, with many more developing through distance learning via our online social learning platform.

The training package focused on providing participants with soft skills development, in both a personal and professional capacity. As a result of this training, attendees have become more rounded individuals, with a determined and structure outlook on how their business will grow in the near future.
We wish all our participants the best of luck in their future business endeavours!


Kaleidoscope Competence Framework and Research Report

The project started with defining the key competences migrant women need possess to be able to start their business or entrepreneurial activities, to find out about migrant women’s entrepreneurial activity in the partner countries, and to gain insight of the challenges migrant women face in entrepreneurship.

The findings of this research have been collided into a research report andthe Kaleidoscope Competence Frameworkwhich is represented in the report and helped in defining the Kaleidoscope training, learning platform and handbooks for self-learning.


Kaleidoscope Learning Platform

The Kaleidoscope learning platform is a set of units, guidelines, tools, resources, methods and social forums aiming at “taking out” competences from participants and trainers, enabling them to use their personal attitudes to build a personal approach to migrant women education, exploiting a mentoring and coaching process that are made available by the project and the channels of the community.


Kaleidoscope Self Learning Manual

The final outcome of the project is the Kaleidoscope self-learning manual for independent learning.

It provides valuable information about entrepreneurship for migrant women, such as case studies, role models, useful links to videos, self-assessment of own soft skills in entrepreneurship, how to use the social learning platform, exercises for self-learning from each learning module and steps for creating own business. One can continue and deepen own learning on Kaleidoscope Social Learning Platform.

The manual is available in English, French, Finnish and Italian, and its extension is available in English and in Finnish.