Our second partnership meeting was held in Sheffield, UK in June 2018. It was a moment to catch-up, to organise, to look forward and to train your future trainers!

We had a lot of fun helping our trainers get acquainted with all the ins and outs of the Kaleidoscope Entrepreneurship Training for Migrant Women, and learned an equal amount from each others cultures’ view on business versus breaking personal and cultural barriers, understanding your own skills and capabilities, as well as the need for a more human centred approach and creative outlook in entrepreneurship.

As a final treat, we visited the Sheffield-based New Beginnings Project that aims to integrate refugees and asylum seekers to their new society and work life by helping them access support and information on e.g. education and employment.

Kaleidoscope Entrepreneurship Training for Migrant Women

The Kaleidoscope Training Programme will support migrant women in the development of the most important soft skills & attitudes needed in entrepreneurship. Resilience, creativity, problem-solving, networking and others will be covered through practical exercises, allowing participants to directly experience impact and growth.

The training is formed of six modules, combining face-to-face sessions with an online platform that does not only store the training materials but offers an opportunity for networking, sharing ideas and promotion of your own business (idea).


    1. Action Learning and Coaching
    2. Daily Problem Solving, networking, communication
    3. Creativity and fun for developing an entrepreneurial mindset + Business modelling game
    4. Entrepreneurship education for migrant women, resilience and entrepreneurship
    5. Intercultural barriers to market access, learning from the host culture and how to adapt to it
    6. Progress and reflection

The (online) training materials are provided in English, Finnish, French and Italian.

How to Take Part in the Kaleidoscope Entrepreneurship Training for Migrant Women

The Kaleidoscope Training Programme is due to start this Autumn, with only a limited number of places in each partner country. Three participants per country will furthermore have the opportunity to participate in an international training week in Paris in February 2019 (dates and selection process TBC).

Want to know more, or register your interest? Get in touch with your country of residence’s contact person!


Morgane Boidin

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Germana Girelli

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Anna Korsbäck: anna.korsbä[email protected]

Tanja Oraviita: [email protected]


Rebecca Emerson

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