Bolstering business creation among migrants, particularly among migrant women, is a key strategy to allow individual migrants to reach their full potential, while simultaneously improving labour market integration and fostering the creation of added value, innovation and productivity in their host countries.

The Kaleidoscope project will achieve this objective by offering a targeted and comprehensive business creation support scheme in Finland, the UK, Italy and France, which takes into account the migrant and gender dimensions as well as an inter-cultural approach with a strong focus on entrepreneurial soft skills.


The partnership of the project covers 4 countries: Finland, France, Italy, UK.
It has been created by linking together organizations that represent the perfect mix of competences needed to make the project effective:

  • adult education expertise and CPD (VAMK)
  • entrepreneurship education (Materahub)
  • migrant support and skills development (Elan)
  • empowerment of women through entrepreneurship (Inova Consultancy)

Competence Framework

 The aim of the first phase of the project   was to define the key competences migrant women need possess to be able to start their business or entrepreneurial activities. The outcome of this phase is a report. The report contains interesting aspects of the topic, for instance information about migrant womens’ entrepreneurial activity in partner countries, as well as an insight of the challenges migrant women face when starting a company. The Kaleidoscope Competence Framework   is represented in the report. The findings are based on previous research reports, survey findings from the target group and the insights of experts who are working in the field of migrant/entrepreneurship education in all four Kaleidoscope partner countries.