Competence Validation

The aim of the Competence Validation is to allow learners to identify the soft skills and attitudes they have, in the form of a self-assessment. This assessment will also help to identify their entrepreneurial potential and how they can develop this. It also allows them to identify the skills and attitudes they would like to develop. The soft skills and attitudes listed in the Competence Validation Table have been taken from the initial report of the Kaleidoscope project. Information was gathered from general good practice, along with research carried out by the partnership. These identified skills and attitudes are considered key necessities for entrepreneurial potential. Therefore, the following validation has the needs of the target group at the forefront of its creation.

Please download the document and rate yourself on the soft skills and attitudes by circling the score, in the final column, which you think best describes your level in this particular skill; then give an example of how you show/have shown this level of skill/attitude. This competence validation will show you which topics of the Kaleidoscope training programme would be most useful for you. This document is made to help tailor the learning to the individual, using this scoring and reflection system to help identify which areas could be developed.