Competence Validation

The aim of the Competence Validation is to allow learners to identify the soft skills and attitudes they have, in the form of a self-assessment. This assessment will also help to identify their entrepreneurial potential and how they can develop this. It also allows them to identify the skills and attitudes they would like to develop. The soft skills and attitudes listed in the Competence Validation Table have been taken from the initial report of the Kaleidoscope project. Information was gathered from general good practice, along with research carried out by the partnership. These identified skills and attitudes are considered key necessities for entrepreneurial potential. Therefore, the following validation has the needs of the target group at the forefront of its creation.
This tool should be used at the beginning of the Kaleidoscope e-learning experience/ face-to-face training, to assess the skills which the individual learner would like to improve. The Competence Validation’s rating system allows learners to score themselves and helps them to identify the skills which need development. Alongside the rating system, there is a column for justification; here the learner will need to give an example of how they have shown a particular level of skill. This will help the learner to clarify, in their mind, the level of skill they possess and which skills they need to improve, especially those that they are unable to justify with an example. These two aspects of the Competence Validation have been designed with the aim to create an individualised training path and encourage individual self-reflection.

Following the rating system, the document indicates which units of the Kaleidoscope training should be focused on for each individual, in order to improve a particular skill or attitude. For example, if a learner rates themselves as a 1 in relation to creativity, they are directed to Unit 3 of the Kaleidoscope training programme; this unit is called Creativity and fun for developing an Entrepreneurial mindset & Business modelling as a game, and focuses on the development of creative skills.

Each skill/attitude has a direct link to one or more of the units within this training programme. The Competence Validation has been specifically tailored to both the needs of female entrepreneurs and the results of international research. It has taken into account current educational standards and developed in line with non-formal frameworks used in other resources such as CEDEFOP. These competencies have, therefore, been transferred to the Kaleidoscope’s training programme to maximise the benefit for female entrepreneurs.

For learners: Once you have registered onto the Kaleidoscope’s Social Learning Platform, you will have full access to all the training materials and extra resources. Please complete the Competence Validation Table to identify which units are the most suited to your personal development. We recommend doing each unit as the more you learn, the more you will gain and develop as an entrepreneur.

For trainers/facilitators: Using the Competence Validation Table with your clients will help you to identify which units would be best suited for each individual. On the Social Learning Platform, you will find a Trainer’s section; here you can find all the necessary resources to facilitate your own Kaleidoscope training session. You can also encourage and guide your learners through the units to support their individual needs.