Intercultural Barriers to Access Market, Learning from the Hosting Culture and How to Adapt It


In Europe, the migrant population from country to country differs and there have been observed differences regarding the number of the immigrants and the origin. Migrant entrepreneurs nowadays in Europe are facing somewhat similar obstacles.

This Unit will introduce you to INTERCULTURAL BARRIERS to access markets. Each culture has its own peculiarities, approaches and practices, and it might take time to learn how to approach potential clients and target groups in the hosting country.

This Unit will look at cultures and cultural barriers through practical exercises, workshop activities and forum theatre, observing different challenges and situations, for example, what are the challenges you have faced during your integration in your hosting country? Have you had any and if yes, what kind of difficulties finding work? And many other issues. With your group, you will play scene of forum theatre in order to look at coping strategies that you have developed to adapt to the hosting country and integrate more easily. In fact, those strategies will also help you setting up your business idea and overcome the intercultural barriers to access the market. The Unit 5 enables you to look at these issues with positivity and playfulness.

Gain awareness of the Intercultural barriers to access market

Increase knowledge about strategies to overcome the intercultural barriers to access market

Get familiar with the hosting culture


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