When: February 9, 2018

Where: London West, UK

Learn from the experiences of your predecessors and find out how to manoeuvre around the hurdles that they have faced. Get valuable first-hand knowledge from experts who have gone through the hoops. In the Rise of the Women Entrepreneur Conference, you will learn from three accomplished professionals on what they have experienced and what YOU can do today to get started on that Billion Dollar Company. Be aware of the inequalities that many women entrepreneurs and professionals face. Know what you deserve. Understand the market and grab the best opportunities and financial rewards.

At the end of this exclusive 1-day workshop, you will know how to increase your earning potential without putting in extra hours. The Rise of the Women Entrepreneur Conference is a step-by-step guide on what is really working right now without the hype and with proven results.

Our three powerhouse speakers are founder of Ultimo Brands International Lady Michelle Mone, creator of the Migrant Woman Platform Mirela Sura and Chief Market Strategist for Master Trading Strategies Sandy Jadeja.