March 2019 marked a huge difference to Colectic, because for the first time we have joined, as an entity and with WEMIN participants, the activities organized by the various women’s organizations that make up the Dona del Raval Board.

We prepared the various activities of March with our participants and the starting point was the visit to the old Market of Sant Antoni, an activity that allowed us to know how the different types of food are called in different languages (the ones that the WEMIN participants speak) and, of course, how they are called in Spanish and in Catalan. A very fun activity!

We also went to the cinema to see, in a session exclusively for women, the movie “Las chicas de la lencería”.”

This celebration represented a festive moment and an opportunity to exchange about our projects, illusions and future prospects not only with the other entities and organizations but also with all the female participants.

And, of course, we need to explain our participation in the sample Expressions of Women. In this occasion, WEMIN participants have offered to the citizens – mainly but not exclusively women – a workshop on the construction of the Map of Emotions in the Raval neighbourhood on March 21st. Our purpose? Show that Raval is a neighbourhood full of colour, emotions and life. We’ve had such a good time, we love these meetings that emphasize love, caring, sharing more than simply analyzing our cultural differences, we can share the things we have in common and enjoy the result.

Finally, we have participated in the “All Digital Week” International Campaign. We have done a special digital workshop on education and technology, where we have presented to the WEMIN participants the various options that they have to continue studying, learning and participating in the European Union. We bet on a totally digital WEMIN.